Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Everyone is talking about this Summer's blockbusters here at the moment. Lots of amazing things are coming out, but one of the films I'm most excited about isn't coming out until October 16th. Where The Wild Things Are is originally a childrens book written by Maurice Sendak in the early 1960's. Its adaptation is being done by Spike Jonze and is so beautiful I cried watching the trailer. (you can cry along with me here) The basic plot is about a young mischievous boy who, after terrorizing a dog with a fork, is sent to his room without dinner. The young boy then dreams up a world of wild animals and monsters whom he can identify with to deal with his anger. Eventually he realises the consequences of his actions and goes back to reality. I feel like this is something I really relate to. As a child who spent a disproportionate amount of time on my own, I always retreated to my fantasy world (although mine existed in the realm of Narnia, true story) as a source of comfort and companionship. Often dealing with my own feelings of unexplainable anger and loneliness in this world, I always knew when it was time to come back.
I'm really looking forward to getting lost in that world again this Summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Melting faces

No, for once I'm not talking about a metal band (we all know how much I love a good face melting shred as much as the next person) I'm talking about our poor friend the Goth who despite the weather continues to represent in the most sweaty of attire. The best new blog I have found is here at the Goths in Hot Weather blog. A whole blog dedicated to the vampires of the night....... in full sweltering sun.

Rock on my vinyl clad friends.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jason, are you here?

I finally moved back to Brooklyn last weekend. Thank goodness. The move was less than great as I couldn't get a truck until the evening, which meant returning it close to midnight. Took the truck back to the rental lot which was deserted except for all the rental trucks which just looked all eery lined up perfectly. Couldn't find the key drop box and spent nearly half an hour wandering around the yard in the dark trying to find it. The only thing I could find was this

just randomly placed on the wall of the u-haul lot with no explanation as to what on earth it could possibly be doing there (not to mention the mini cane behind it. What the fuck, man????)
Not wanting to hang around and find out Jason has switched to a tribal mask for a 'Jason takes Brooklyn' special I hauled ass and took back the keys the next day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I know what you did last Summer..... and I'm doing something else.

Okay, now I have that bad tag line out of my system we can move on. With Memorial Day weekend behind us, everyone has started talking about their plans for the Summer. Theres always lots of fun free things to do which is great, and while most people are escaping the city for at least a month, this is not an option for poor little Euro. So I decided to set myself a Summer project. Documenting the cast of characters and their inspired wardrobes that make up this hodge podge of a city I call home. It all came about the other week when the most amazingly dressed man I have ever seen was spotted hanging out side the church across from work.

Its hard to decipher but he was wearing a cropped black velvet suit, a silver sequinned blouse, short white gloves and a hat that looked like it came right out of 1950's Arab Emirates and into my dreams. He also had the smallest, cutest, fiercest (I know thats not a word, but go with me) dog I have ever seen. I so wanted to desperately ask him if I could take his picture but of course fear got the better of me and I wimped out. What it did do though, is inspire me to stop staring and start snapping. I'm going to start a series of photos documenting all of the amazing fashion I see every day here. Sort of a NYC version of Tokyo Fruits I guess. So what if I ask someone if I can take their photo? They should consider it a compliment! Keep your eyes out peeps, for this upcoming blog series.......

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pick which chubby toddler I am

So last night I was planning on writing a blog on the brilliant Tony Oursler exhibition I saw the other week (It may still happen. Its moved into the potential blog pile) until I got an email from an aunt I've recently got back in touch with. Shes one of the many black sheep of my family and has been off the radar for a number of years. Feeling a bit sentimental after being away from the family for a number of years, she sent me this old photo

Theres so much joy and love in this photo, its a shame I don't remember it. My family has been through a lot of heartbreak. Some of the people in this photo are no longer with us, some are no longer classed as members of the family. At this exact moment though, it looks like we couldn't be happier. Everyone is smiling (bizarrely, with the exception of me. Maybe because I knew a cousin was trying to give me those stupid "bunny ears" in the photo!) and looks like they genuinely care about each other. How did we get from this to where we are today? In any case, I think I actually feel comforted by this photo in a weird sort of way. Like, we may not be this family anymore, and I may not remember it but we were capable of being the family I always wanted.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you need me, I'll be here

No, seriously. Peter and I just booked tickets to the Cinque Terre coast in Italy for 4 days and are staying in this village. Sigh......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My sisters in the struggle

For the last 5 days I've had one of my oldest gay friends visiting. He moved from Melbourne to London with his doctor boyfriend a year ago, and I haven't seen him since I left Oz. I was super excited to catch up. The first night Marcus arrived we went out for a fancy cocktail and a cheap and cheerful meal (which, by the way, is my idea of the perfect date) after dinner Marcus asked if we could go to a gay bar. I said that was perfectly fine. He wanted to head off to Christopher St (which was once the heart of the gay community) in search of a bar. Its funny, but I soon realised that I haven't been to a gay bar the whole year I've been here, and that not one was coming to mind. Although I have many a gay friend, most of them aren't the type to flock to only boy bars and stay there. Almost every single place I frequent here is a mixed crowd. I was quite surprised with his insistence on going to a boy bar, so off we went, finally settling on the historic Stonewall Inn.
This got me thinking a lot about how different it is here and how much i take it for granted. Marcus and I got to talking about why he only felt comfortable in gay bars. I knew it had nothing to do with picking up (Hes in quite a serious relationship and neither partner is the type to stray) and was genuinely curious. Marcus told me that growing up in Australia, he really only ever felt safe to be himself at gay bars. Whenever he had frequented a 'straight' bar there was almost always some sort of confrontation. He said he often felt quite fearful if he was forced by friends to go to a straight bar, so subsequently made the decision to never to to one again.
NYC on the other hand, is one great big hodge podge. I can honestly say I don't really know any 'straight' bars. Supposedly, after Giulliani cleaned up the drug problem in the city, most of the gay bars and clubs shut down. I think a combination of this and the sheer growth of the population has turned most clubs and bars into a mixed crowd. Even at a gay club I went to on Friday night, the crowd was quite mixed (i.e the group of German tourists in line before us)
Now I know New York, is pretty liberal and sometimes I forget that (I still remember a friend from Australia coming over and being shocked by how many openly affectionate gay couples you see out in the streets) but is Australia still so backward? Thats so upsetting. I guess I've been away so long that I've forgotten what its like back there. I know the rest of the world isn't quite up to NYC pace, but is it still that conservative?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grass Knuckles

I'm in love. With these AMAZING moss growing rings.

They're by an extremely talented (and kinda dreamy) Iclandic product designer, Hafsteinn Juliusson I love the way these rings cater to my lifestyle right now. I was having a discussion only the other day about how New Yorkers shop and how we all live in such small spaces, we mostly only really invest in pieces we can have on our person, instead of spending huge amounts of money furnishing a house. Having a garden on my finger seems to articulate that in a way I didn't think possible. I love the fact that you have to care for them, like a real garden.

Sadly, they're only available at the Reykjavik Art Museum. Maybe i need to plan another trip back for these..... Meanwhile I will drool over his other products here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Peter just booked his next flight over. I feel like this

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What have they done to you Hello Kitty?

MAC's latest Hello Kitty cosmetics range. Gets bizaare around the 2:20 mark. I feel dirty after watching that.

My other love

Everyone this is ColbyHe lives in my sharehouse and I'm in love with him. Sadly hes moving to Austin, Texas in a month and I'm afraid I'm not dealing well with his impending departure. Colby has been my surrogate love for the last year and now hes leaving me for a more chilled out life on a ranch to make music, chase rabbits and turn from city living hipster dog into a Ralph Lauren ranch loving free spirit. Colby's mommy (and because shes American, I have to spell it that way) asked if I could come and be his au pair. If the job offered sponsorship, I would take it in a heartbeat.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I need a holiday

And I have to stay here
At the Hix Island House on a tiny island just off the Puerto Rican coastline. Its amazingly designed and at a reasonable price. Want to come?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One year on......

Hello Dears,
So in a plot to avoid doing work at work while on my own, I decided to post a blog. It had been on the cards for a while but only now am I finding the time. I've had a busy start to the year. I've had multiple employees resign, I've had a near lawsuit from an employee fade off into the sunset (thank gawd!) never to be spoken of again, I've had old friends meet my beloved, a whirlwind trip back to Oz and this week I celebrated my one year anniversary of living in the big smoke.
I can't believe its been a year already. Where did the time go? How has a third of my time here passed me by already? Have I done anything really creative that I'm proud of? Honestly, not really, but I think thats okay. Work here has been so much more than I ever imagined. I've gone from fancy cocktail receptions at the Guggenheim, to standing a foot deep in poo water with only a sponge and a bucket to keep me company. I've been hotel concierge to many of the designers friends and confidant to most of my staff while we have all gone through some sort of personal tragedy.
I was reflecting on a conversation that I had with my predecessor not so long ago about how involved this job was and how impossible I would probably find it to still successfully run my own label while doing this job. He said that my main focus should be this job and just enjoying what time I have in NYC. At the time I laughed it off, and thought that I would do things differently and that I would be able to deal with it better than he did. Its only now I realise that he was right (to an extent) and that this city is a tough one that constantly challenges me, but is ultimately preparing me for when I set up my own business/family/home when I finally return to the motherland. I feel like there isn't anything I couldn't face, or that I don't know about starting a business and for that I'm forever grateful.
Its not come without hard times though. Spending a year in a long distance relationship has been one of the most difficult things I've ever chosen to do. Its strange to think that I've actually spent more time away from my partner than I have with him. Sometimes I worry that he will eventually move here, but we won't connect anymore because we've grown so much in the last year, but in opposite directions, but thats only something I will know when it acutally happens, so I guess theres no point dwelling on it now.
I had a friend from home come and visit and meet my dearest for the first time over the holidays. I think it was tough for all parties involved at the start but I'd like to think that everyone got on fine by the end. I think its acutally a good thing that my 'worlds' are crossing over, and my overseas life is making its way into my Australian.
The trip home was good. Sydney was nothing but work, but Melbourne was quite relaxing for a 5 day trip. Managed to get some beach time at Sorrento, ate at my favorites places, saw some art and even got to see Evol on my travels.
I also happened to be home for the fires. I still can't quite believe it. Its been so painful hearing about how much people have lost. Everyone seems to know at least one person who was affected directly by them. Some friends of mine have absolute horror stories about them. One in particular just sold her house in one of the towns that got completely burnt down. She was lucky to escape them but sadly everyone in her street died. Every single person that lived on that street died trying to save their house. She said that out in those rural parts of Victoria you are taught to stay and defend your home, which they all did. To the end.
And now I'm back and Australia seems like its a world away. I want this year to be a memorable one. I've realised that I'm not going to be here forever and I need to make the most of my time. I want to create things, I want to succeed at my job, I want my beloved to be with me, but above all else I want to enjoy myself and know that its okay to take some time off and just have fun here. I don't have to do anything ground breaking but I do have to enjoy myself a bit more and not let work take over again.
Rant over.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am SO on trend (with maybe just a little help from Steven)

My Halloween costume was spotted in the months Italian Vogue

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nothing says Christmas......

..... like Twisted Sister's Broadway spectacular "A Twisted Christmas" I think I'm going to have to take the missus...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Numero Uno

Well, its officially over. My first proper (because the lame ass kids who don't dress up, and still try to scam you out of candy back in Oz don't count) Halloween took place over the weekend (although the day itself was on Friday, many parties actually took place on Saturday) and it was as cheesy and more fun than I anticipated. Spent Halloween day waiting for trick or treaters and being prepped on the candy giving/receiving protocol (n.b put the bowl of candy out in the morning. Anyone is allowed to take candy, including adults, at any time of the day. Someone only explained this to me after I went on a 5 minute tirade when a woman came in, took a candy without asking OR saying thanks. Apparently manners are not required for this strangest of holidays...) There were some absolute cuties in store and I'll have to post the photos of them, and when I was on my way home, I stumbled across the Halloween parade in Brooklyn and got to watch that. The party that I was to attend actually took place last night. Great fun. Lots of funny costumes (slutty Colonel Sanders being one of the favorites) and lots of ridiculous ones. I had the fabulous compliment from someone saying my costume looked like a McQueen Couture dress ("Why this old thing!") I have to say I still don't quite understand this tradition. It seems to just be an excuse for girls to dress up like sluts (I've never needed an excuse) for men to dress up like women and for me to eat a disgusting amount of candy all in the name of tradition.

Monday, October 27, 2008

and now its Fall....

Wow, has it really been 3 months since I've blogged? Where has the time gone? I was just reading evol's blog and read how long it was since he blogged, checked mine, and realised how long its been.
Most of you know whats been going on in my life in the last few months or thereabouts. Went back home for the first time in nearly 3 years and caught up with my beloved evol and co. Saw my sister get married to a man who I only met for the first time the day before the wedding. Thank goodness he is a sweetheart, otherwise there would have been a few issues.....

Its funny, I thought I would go back and find that so much had changed and I'd missed out on so much, but to tell you the truth, not much had changed.... really. I guess because so much had happened in my life in 3 years, I thought the whole world was moving at that pace. It was actually comforting to know it wasn't and that it was okay for me to still be away and not be missing a huge chunk of life back in Oz.
I had a birthday where I turned the ripe old age of 26. Peter semi surprised me for my birthday. It was supposed to be a complete surprise but I may have thrown a bit of a tantrum that I was going to be on my own and he decided to tell me because there may have been tears. It turned out to be amazing. Had a great Mon Oncle inspired party

where everyone got frocked up

and got to meet my beloved.
And now we're here. Work is back to all consuming/damanding (I'd make the most wonderful cult leader. They can do no wrong in my eyes) and I am generally always thinking about work in one form or another. I've been looking at different types of therapies to force me to switch my mind off lately, namely Tai Chi and Restorative yoga. A friend is actually offering to teach me a private yoga class so I think that might have made my mind up for me.
Good news on the Peter front. He's acutally been looking at visa application forms and recuitment companies that specialise in E3 visas, without any prompting. We had a really honest conversation about it a couple of weeks ago where he told me that he was really scared about applying because if all the big what if's 'What if I apply and don't get it? What if I can't get a job? What if I can only get a crappy job?' and that it seemed so daunting to even start applying, but the more he looks into it, the more he's starting to realise its not as scary as he thought it was going to be. I'm hoping against hope that he'll be here by April next year....
So, everytime I make a big promise to get right back into blogging, I go on another hiatus. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself to blog so frequently, and then end up quitting before I've even begun. A friend commented last night that I should do some writing (which I did actually do for a magazine that will be coming out very soon. I'm super excited about that) and its something I really do have a secret (not anymore!) passion for.
I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd love you to stay around. I can't promise I'll write every day or week, but I'm going to try and be better, I promise!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

street find

Coming home tonight and found this screen print the street. Nice one....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Surrounding myself with greatness

A very dear friend of mine, Edwina White who happens to be one of the most talented illustrators I have come across has landed the cover of the New York Times style magazine today. Check out her piece here.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

ode to a princess

I got some heartbreaking news from home. My mum called me tonight to tell me my dog passed away. My beloved Toy Poodle that has been a more valued family member than yours truly for the last 18 years.
Brandy (I was 7 and she was an apricot colour, cut me some slack on the name!) lived a great life. Never ate dog food a single day in her life. Got a cooked meal twice a day. Had the best seat in the lounge room. Had an extensive wardrobe (including a doggie drizabone coat. She hated getting wet as her curls would frizz) and most definitely always got what she wanted. She was the head of our household for as long as I can remember.
In the last 3 years of her long life, Brandy's health started to deteriorate. First came the hip dysplasia, then cataracts, then she lost her hearing. After she lost most of her senses, she'd spend weeks getting to know the layout with the house just by repetitive walking, only to have mum decide to rearrange the furniture, then spend the next 2 weeks running into things until she knew the layout again. Bless her.
In the last few months Brandy spent most of her days sleeping, not really doing much, just curled up in her little bed. She was mum's best friend and mum would often carry Brandy (basket and all) around with her while she was in the garden so Brandy would be forced into getting some fresh air and mum would have company. Yesterday morning mum got up and noticed Brandy looking a lot worse than she had the night before. A lot more fraile and wouldn't open her eyes. Mum picked her up to take her outside to go to the bathroom and she couldn't hold up her own weight. She couldn't even support her own little head. She took her back inside and tried to give her some water but Brandy wouldn't swallow.
Mum made the call to the vet.
The vet, who has looked after my little Brandy (or as my dad would call her in his Asian accent 'Blandy') said that it was his day off the next day but he would come in so mum could bring Brandy in to be put down. This morning mum got up to find her still breathing but not moving. She took her to the vet where they washed and blow dried her sweet little curls. Mum then took her home and nursed her for 2 hours before she died in her arms.
Oh Brandy, you will always be with me xxx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've got one word to say to you bloggers....

like, oh my God, you should totally look at meeeeeee......

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

After reading the latest meme posted by evol and wordage, I decided to put my ipod on shuffle and let the music Gods decide my fate.....

What does next year have in store for me? Rock On (David Essex)
What’s my love life like? Lets Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack (Liars)
What do I say when life gets hard? I Can’t Make It on Time (The Ramones)
What do I think of on waking up? Build Me Up Buttercup (The Foundations)
What song will I dance to at my wedding? Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)
What do I want as a career? Sulk (Radiohead)
My favorite saying? I Just Want To Have Something To Do (The Ramones)
Favorite place? Quiescent Return (Sir Richard Bishop)
What do I think of my parents? Simon Says (Fruitgum Company)
What’s my porn star name? If I was your Girlfriend (Prince)
Where would I go on a first date? L’Anomour (Serge Gainsbourg)
Drug of choice? Bangers and Mash (Radiohead)
Describe myself. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (The Smiths)
What is the thing I like doing most? Do you Love Me? (The Contours)
What is my state of mind like at the moment? Fashion (David Bowie)
How will I die? Right Now and Not Later (The Shangri-Las)

I love the fact my drug of choice is Bangers and Mash.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Euro live!

While my dear friend Paul was here, we did many silly things to amuse ourselves in the city. As many of you are aware, I will do almost anything for a laugh (I'm all about making Peter laugh til he pees a little) While shopping on 5th, Paul discovered the hot 'Sales Models' (my flatmate works for them and she told me they actually hire their staff from a modelling agency) working (it) at Abercrombie and Fitch. Here's a snippet of me ogling said men....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Get a cuppa, cause its a bigg'un

Right, after a few too many 'think you're too good for blogging huh?' comments, its time to put my sarcastic slant on global (& by global, I mean my own universe. Thats what everyone revolves around, right?) issues.

I can't believe its been so long since I've blogged. NY life (or rather, work) has taken O.V.E.R, and I'm feeling a need to vent to y'all. So, as I sit on a bench in front of my store, literally waiting for floor wax to dry, I thought I would catch up.

The last couple of months have been filled with visitors. Tom from London, (As I mentioned in a previous post) Paul from Oz, Tristan from Oz, my beloved from London, Matt from Ireland is coming over in a month, the Designers from Oz are going to be here on Saturday (eeeek!!!) Leanne is coming from London in 2 weeks and I will be making a 4 day trip back to London at the beginning of August. It seems like the lure of a free place to stay in NYC is what gets people to come visit me! Its been hectic but great fun. Having Paul visit was wonderful. I haven't seen him since I left and I've changed a lot (long term boyfriend (that isn't a gay man) livin' in NYC, losing 60 pounds since we last saw each other) and it was great to catch up and have a laugh with one of my original gay posse. 
Tristan was hilarious. He works in one of the Sydney stores and is almost too OTT for NYC, let alone Sydney. One of my favorite moments was Tristan swanning downstairs (Tristan by the way is a 6 foot 5 red head bean pole) off to a club opening in a neon yellow spandex tux he made himself. He looked like a giant highlighter...... and I thought it was fabulous. I have a weakness for waif thin men. I know its not healthy, but I find it so beautiful and Tristan looked stunning. 
The visit from beloved was as expected. Wonderful and heartbreaking. I'm not in the mood to be all sad about it though so I'll just give you the  high highlights. I managed to take off 7 of the 10 days he was here and managed to get away for a few days which we haven't done since December. We did the trek to the Hamptons on what was the first of the hot hot hot Summer weekends. It was also our one year anniversary (awwww) We had such a wonderful time in Montauk (the most Eastern edge of Long Island) although it really did feel like I was n the Upper West Side, just on the beach. Everyone was talking about their yachts and was wearing boat shoes with no socks (urgh) but all in all it was a good time. Oh by the way, I gave him a Tag watch and he cried and said that no one had ever given him something so special.It felt so nice that I could do that for him. That being said, I got a pretty cool gift myself. He gave me a helicopter ride over NYC...... and only told me 10 seconds before we had to get on the helicopter! What I love is that he knew I would love it, and I wanted him with me (which he did) even though he has a big fear of flying. Bless him. He was surprisingly pretty good on the flight. It was a lot smoother than I thought (except for the sharp turn which had us at a right angle with the Hudson River. I may or may not have peed in my pants a little) Most of our time in Montauk was spent walking along the beach or chillin' in the pool or eating yummy seafood. One of the high points would have been gong to the Memory Motel (of Rolling Stones fame) to have a drink, to say we had a drink there and found ourselves in the middle of a biker convention in what is known to be the biggest heroin bar in NYC (It gets raided once a week) The bikers took a shine to us (one even sniffed me hello once Peter was out of sight, proclaiming "I just knew you ere gonna smell good") The wife of the biker president (and our new BFF) decided that we needed to have pictures of us on a bike, so she threw us onto her husband bike where Peter and I struggled to keep our feet on the ground. Looking more like 2 kids on a cheap ride in front of a grocery store, than bikers, it still became one of my favorite photos of the trip.
It was a pretty great visit, and we even got a bonus day when Peter's flight got cancelled and he had to fly out the next day. We spent the extra day pottering round the city, going for a cruise on the Hudson and having a nice dinner in the Meatpacking district. I can't wait to see his cute little face in a month. Its made me more determined than ever to get him here asap.

And now its back to work work work. I'm enjoying it don't get me wrong but it is all consuming and demands a lot of time (I worked 20 hours overtime this week. Blegh) but I guess it comes with the title. There are some perks though. I got a ticket to the Louise Bourgeois opening at the Guggenheim, and I'm currently organising my first trunk show at Bergdorfs (stressful, but also exciting) I know though that I need to step back and know that its okay to not be doing work every single day. Its had when you work for a company that you love, for people who you call you friends. You want to do the best for them, but it ultimately means sacrificing your goals, to achieve theirs. Wow, I didn't expect this blog to turn into a work one (see, it infiltrates everything!)

Anyway bloggers, I've missed you. Its good to be back.

Oh by the way, I saw Richard Gere, Naomi Watts having lunch with Kirsten Dunst AND......... Johnny Depp last week. God, I love NYC.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can't believe I am so close to being a somebody

So tonight I had the Artists Space benefit dinner. We sponsored the event (partially) so I got a couple freebie tickets. After an embarassingly early start to the evening (we were literally the first ones there. Eww!) I had my moment in the sun as I noticed a photographer snapping away at me (or to be more specific, my outfit and my armload of bangles) I looked past the camera to see it was Bill Cunningham, one of the most influential people on the NY fashion scene. Bill is a sweet 70 year old man who knows whats hot and where to find it, before you do. He also looks like a 70 year old tourist from Florida on a trip to Niagra Falls (inclusive of infamous blue wool vest) He took my name and we had a friendly exchange (me - "You look like you're having fun" Bill - "How could I not, I'm getting paid to come to fancy parties and take photos of interesting people" me - "hahahahaha") and he continued on his way, taking a shot of a man with an outrageous fedora and a Versace cravat. Oh Bill, if only you knew you made my day.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

taxidermy items I found on ebay

  • A genuine kangeroo scrotum key chain

  • A Rhinoceros head

  • 2 toads stuffed to look like they were playing pool

  • A walking stick made from a bulls penis

  • A cow horn flask
  • A 2 headed squirrel (which I'm thinking of bidding on)
    All of a sudden I'm feeling much less strange than I thought I was...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the trials and tribulations of Euro.....

Hello Strangers,

So I went into my classic blog hybernation for a month while things here were mondo busy. What was that? You want to know what I was up to? Oh, alright, if you really must.....

  • I had my long awaited return trip to London to see my beloved . I also got to catch up with aguyandhismac and wordage. I love seeing those two. We always seem to have such a laugh. They're so happy and in love it just makes me want to squeeze them. As for seeing Peter, its funny but it wasn't how I thought it was going to be. It was great don't get me wrong, and there were tears for both of us at the airport when he came to pick me up, but, oh I don't know, what was I expecting? A welcome back parade? Living in a seperate country to your beloved is hard. You are tied to someone, yet you're now living sort of a single life. Does that make sense? I guess I didn't understand at first that Peter had to adjust to life without me (and me without him) and that it shook things up coming back. We're much better now though and I'm happy to say he is coming over in a month and a half for 2 weeks and I can't wait. Now if only I could get a set date from aguyandhismac about coming over....
  • Speaking of visitors, I had my friend Tom come over from London a couple weeks ago. He's like the boy version of me (sorry sweetie, but you are) and it was fun showing off all the cool places I've discovered so far. I'm really settling into life here (I had such a Sex and the City moment the other day. I was running across the street, ducking between yellow cab, wearing these new baby heels I bought, with my oversized sunglasses on and my trenchcoat flapping in the breeze. I've never felt so NY) Tom bought me this AMAZING present as a thank you. Its a Star Wars pop up book, which is going to be the next blog post (I promise)
  • I moved to the super cool neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn (cool neighbours: Sufjan Stevens, Black Dice, Gang Gang Dance) and have enjoyed getting to know the 'burg. My flatmates are pretty awesome as well. I'm teaching them how to be self depricating (finally, some Americans who can take the piss out of themselves) and I am adoring living with a dog again (French Bulldog named Colby if you must know) My flickr is about to be taken over with shots of Colby. Not to mention, I get to spend my rare spare time legitimately going through second hand stores looking for pieces for my room. I scored the most beautiful 1920's desk from France from the thrift store I volunteer at the other day for an absolute steal. Noice one.

Okay, not to end so abruptly, but I gotta get my ass to the gym before work. I will continue this post later my darlings. Kisses.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out with the old

NY's Governor this week was asked to hand in his resignation as he was found to have had sex with a prostitute. Within days it had happened. Incidentally, he is also the one who put Martha Stewart away.

The press have said that if this happened in any other Western country. He wouldn't have been fired. To be honest, who really cares about his sex life? I don't particularly think it affects his governorship (and lets face it, that role here is purely ceremonial. His in-tray wasn't exactly overflowing with work) What I've learnt already in New York is that there is a place for everyone, no matter what you're into.... I guess except for Eliot Spitzer.

Yesterday they appointed the new Governor. He is the first blind African American Governor they have ever had. He seems honest, charming and dedicated.

He AND his wife just annouced that they've both had exta marital affairs.

Friday, March 14, 2008

a sure sign I'm losing the plot

I came. I saw. I spent. I now feel a little ill. Issey sale was amazing. I got some absolute steals. As well as some delicious clothes, I got these beauties. Pointy canvas flats with furry laces. have I lost my mind? Maybe, readers, maybe....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

oh my god I think I found my new house

This sounds like me right?

house hunting in New York

Although the designers have been kind enough to give me their apartment for a few months, I have been getting quite lonely living in a new city on my own. I also feel like I haven't had a day off the whole time I've been here, so the hunt for an apartment is on. There are many places out there. Ones like this, or this where apparently the kitchen is fully armed or even this.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

woofie, you freak

Cute yes, but my God this dog freaks me out

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

lights, camera...

The past week they have been filming a movie in front of our store called confessions of a shopaholic. Its based on the best seller (in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada) and stars Australia's own Isla Fisher (whom has been spotted on the street looking cold and miserable every day) Well last night they are finally doing the shot where Isla is seen looking into our store. Sounds good in theory but it meant that I will be stayed back until 1am tonight so they could have all their cameras set up instore film.... and they never even did the shot. They set up lights and what not instore and because they were running so over they never did it. This is the second time they've dicked me around (the first time was an early morning shoot that never happened) and I've had just about enough. Friggin' Hollywood big wigs.....

forget your troubles!!!!!

So I had quite a sad moment today when I spoke to Peter. Had a cry to him while I was on my lunch break about how lonely I was feeling. No friends, big city, all that jazz but I just had some great news.... My visa has come through!!!!!!!!!!! So look out Londoners Euro will be making a special guest apperance in two weeks. I'm so relieved it came through. Now I can really get the ball rolling.

highlights so far

1. I had a woman from Georgia on the phone yesterday (although it sounded like Reese Witherspoon, I doubt it was) who was so excited that we took phone orders she said 'Praise the Lord!'

2. Peter and I were on the subway up in Harlem and some young kids got on and I overheard one of them say 'Get the fuck outta 'ere'

3. Um, like basically you can go into any, like store on Broadway downtown, and you'll hear like, being used, like 500 times, in like, one sentence.... whateverrr

There is something sickly enjoyable about all of the American cliches being true.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my mom is at the colored jewelry center

Hey ya, so I've been in this crazy town for a week now and I'm still on the high of everything being shiny and new and I haven't had to face much of the infamous beuracracy so I haven't felt the need to throttle the city yet. Although I am having the hardest time getting round my nlew Americanisms. I.e spelling everything in a lazy phonetic way. There are also some really funny things that you would never think of that have been a bit of a problem. These crazy yanks seem to only understand 'American' not English so I have to use words like 'Messanger' not courier because they don't know what I mean, as well as 'Pitcher' for 'Jug' and 'With two' instead of 'Double' (as in "Matthew with two TT's")
Whenever I have dealt with Americans in store before its never been a problem and I have always understood what they meant and vice versa, but here it seems to all go out the window and we must all Americanize (see how I used that z there? I feel ill doing that. Its just not right)

I should probably back track a bit and tell you how it all went here with my beloved....
We had a lovely last night in London (coincidentally it was Valentines day. Two birds, one stone...) Went to Coq D'argent, a beautiful modern French place that has a beautiful rooftop garden bar. I love it when we get to get all frocked up (although I should mention that I was the only one to actually frock. Peter looked so cute and uncomfortable in his suit)
There was a slight drama getting here. Namely, Peter missed his flight and had to fork out 400 pounds for a new ticket but the good news was that I changed my flight so we ended up flying together. We got here in one exhausted but excited piece and it didn't feel real til we crossed over the Williamsburg Bridge, in our yellow cab, and saw that breathtaking Manhattan skyline.
we spent the first 2 days before I had to start work doing a few touristy things. Checking out the Empire State, doing a downtown tour to get our bearings, eating, drinking and eating some more and also checking out my possible future home, Brooklyn, which is totally, like, so cool at the moment (I can't quite believe that all these people really talk like this...... whatever.)
I then had to work all week but it wasn't all doom and gloom. We had the Gugg opening which was AMAZING and as NY fashionista fab as you would expect, and being New York, no one just goes home after work, we would always go out for drinks or dinner. Staying local most of the time but we're in a great area so this IS where people come to hang out. As touristy as it was we even went to Tribeca bar and Grill (De Niro's restaurant) which wasn't too bad and the steaks were pretty tasty (keeping in mind I have just come from London where food quality is, shall we say not quite the standard of Oz)
Sunday was Peter's last day and a heartbreaking one for me. We'd really settled inand it felt like this was our new home. I'd forgotten that he had to go back. We got up early and went out for breakfast then went to the Statue of Liberty. When it was time for Peter to go, I just lost it. Sobbed hysterically, clung on like a scared child and basically begged him to stay. I'd never even been in the apartment without him and I was worried how alone I would feel. He said that before we came here he was really worried but saw what a safe building and neighbourhood I'm in (for the moment anyways) and that I've got a good job and that I would be fine. Not to mention that I would be back in London in 4 weeks and that he was going to book a ticket back here 4 weeks after that. I know he's right and that I will be fine without him, its just I don't want to be without him.
Don't fear dear readers, there is good news at the end of all this. Peter (as hoped) fell in love with it here and plans to move here once his lease and contract are up in London in 6 months! We are looking into visas and jobs as we speak! So this long distance won't be forever, although it still is hard, at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your fingers crossed for us...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

blink and you'll miss it

Yo from New York!!!!!

So I've finally arrived after much trial and tribulation and am loving it. Best decision of my life moving here. I am having the best time, seeing the sights and being all NY fabulous. Part of my job I found out yesterday is to go to all these fabulous parties I get invited to and network. My first is tomorrow night at the Guggenheim. Its not the event I have to co-host (thats at the end of March) but its an opening of this crazy Asian explosion artist. Lots of free champers and good food apparently, and it wll be a good chance for me to introduce myself. The missus is even tagging along. He's buying some new clothes today to wear to it, bless him.

I know this is painfully short for a first NY blog, and I really do promise to write more after Peter goes (only 4 more sleeps now) but I must get back to work. Hope this finds you all well my lovlies xxx

Monday, February 11, 2008

worlds were colliding... and it was fine

So yesterday was the big day when Peter finally met my Father. My poor beloved was nervous as as hell, and secretly I had a few butterflies myself but it all went absolutely swimmingly and I'm expecting to hear nothing but good reports from my father today.

We all met up for Yum Cha in Chinatown to celebrate New Year and Peter was at his most fraudulent best, being more charming and polite than I've EVER seen him. I spent half the time giggling behind my tea cup. I think Dad thought he was great though because he could see how happy he makes me, and who wouldn't want that for their child?

After lunch, we rolled out of the restaurant to wander through Leicester Square and then continued down to Picadilly Circus, through St James's Park (to enjoy this glorious sunshine. Isn't London fab-u-lous at the mo?) and down passed Westminster and Big Ben.

After the most wonderful day yesterday, I couldn't be more happy...

Friday, February 08, 2008

the final countdown

Hey ya, So one week to go and my Dad is still here. Its been so good seeing him. Its been nearly 2 years since I've been home and I've really enjoyed a bit of family time before I embark on my next big adventure.

Speaking of big adventures, I'm moving into Peter's place tommorrow, after working my last shift at the bar tonight. I have no doubt its going to be a big one. I've invited a few of my posse (Steven and Dan, that includes you!) and its fair to say I'm going to be somewhat under the influence. Oh don't look at me like that, for feck's sake I work in a bar!

On Sunday Dad and Peter are going to meet fot he first time at a New Years celebratory Yum Cha (I hate calling it dim sum) Peter is somewhat nervous (this may possibly be my fault due to winding him up serverly) and asked if he needs to bow when he meets him. I considered telling him my Dad doesn't speak a word of English but then woke from my moment of insanity (who knows what Peter would have said in front of him if he thought he couldn't understand. Knowing my beloved it would have been a reference to the shenanigans from the night before. Dear Lord...)

Completely off topic I've been delving further into my back catalogue of favourite tunes (thank you youtube) and have felt the need for calm of late. I guess all this moving really has left me wanting familiarity. Something soothing, something I know, something like this. How very New York of me....

Friday, January 18, 2008

cannonballing into the deep end of the pool

I've been speaking to Matthew of late (the current NY manager) about all things NY and he's been cc-ing me in on all the latest so I'm some what caught up when I finally get there. A few days ago I got an email from him saying that my first big job was to organise and co-host an event 2 weeks after I start..... at the Guggenheim museum!!!!!!

I have hardly any time, I'm not sure of the specifics or even what it is I have to organise and I'm going to be running this show???? I know I know, 'Woe is me' right? I should be counting my blessings not complaining but the Guggenheim is such a beautiful impressive space and this will be my first big event to do some networking. Lets hope that New Yorkers are charmed by a nervous drinker with a painfully loud laugh...

for those about to rock

So today I'm doing a big clean before I have to start shipping stuff O.S. Thowing out some of the backpacker clothes that are in less than minty fresh condition. We can't be having any of that in New York dahhhling. Problem is I can't seem to leave the comfort of Peter's bedroom. Theres a laptop, all the toast and tea I can ingest and a new you tube playlist I've just compiled. Its full of fun road trip bogan rock including this as the title track. Possibly the best Sabbath song. Ever. (Steven don't press play. It will hurt your ears!)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

so much for being back

Well after much prodding from A Guy and his Mac, I'm back.... again.... to blog. I don't know why I've gotten so lazy with the blogging of late. Wait thats a lie. I know why and its a horrible reason. Its also why I got an angry email from multiple (not you evol) friends back home saying they were feeling neglected. I've turned into a horrible cliche and found myself wrapped up in Peter's life which left little room for much else as I've been pretending to play the role of good wife and have been looking after him a lot lately. Lots of dinners and foot rubs and general pampering. And why am I doing all this you ask? Because I feel guilty about leaving. As much as he says he wouldn't ever want me to pass up NY, I still gets the guilts on a daily basis, only now I've become even more crazy and last night found myself pulling away a bit. I'm assuming the rationale for that is that I'm hoping that it will make the eventual move hurt less but all its done is left Peter hurt and confused.

Peter says theres no point in getting so upset about it now because it won't change anything and all we would end up doing is moping around for the 4 and a half (OMG 4 and a half weeks to go!!!!) weeks so we might as well enjoy our time together here and deal with it when it comes. I don't know if I completely agree. I think some good can come out of preparing yourself a little for whats to come. Okay my crying percentage has increased ten fold because of it but to be truthful, I think I'm going to be better on the day he leaves NY to come back to London than he will be.

What do you think guys? Are we fooling ourselves thinking we can make our trans-atlantic (thank you Steven!) relationship work?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

R.I.P Ike Turner

Say what you will about him, I'm not disagreeing he was a pig of a man but you have to admit, he was a genious.

And whatever 'it' is, well he sure as hell had it.

Rest in peace Ike, rest in peace.

Only in London

I've been quite busy this week with work and what not (although I do have today off and plan on going to the Design Museum to see and exhibition AND do my xmas shopping in the gift shop. I adore everything in that place. Sigh!) and was flicking through one of the weekly entertainment guides to see if there was a gig I could catch tonight. In this week alone, here is a round up of whats on...
  1. Mum - at the Scala!
  2. The Damned
  3. Thin Lizzy (!!!)
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. Billy Childish (but he has a residency at the Dirty Water club so its no biggie that he's playing)
  6. M.I.A - I seem to lose all control at her gigs and dance around in an epileptic fit
  7. Chrome Hoof

and this is all just in this week! Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be here. I can't even begin to imagine what NY will be like....

Monday, December 10, 2007

The long awaited return....

After a much too long hiatus, Eurotrash is back kids! Real life too over for a while there and made it near impossible to find time to blog, but not to worry as I'm back to cajole, comment, and criticise. Woo Hoo!

So some of you know by now what has kept me away but for those who don't, here's the latest....

  • I had a birthday. Twas spent very nicely thank you very much. Peter took me away for 5 days and we spent our time in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. We took his car and it was such a novelty to drive to another country. The freedom to travel without a 40lb backpack on was quite liberating and I fear Peter has ruined all future backpacking for me! We spent our time in small quiet towns where all there was to do was go for nice walks or stay in cosied up to the fire. You can look at our trip here
  • Speaking of my beloved, Peter asked me to move in with him while we were away.... then he changed his mind... then he changed it back..... then he changed his mind. At the moment I think I'm not going to move in. I was all set for it but Peter keeps changing his mind so I think he may not be ready which is a shame because....
  • I'm moving to New York!!!! Yes its all signed, sealed and I'm just waiting on the delivery. All papers have been signed and I'm just waiting for my visa to come through before I start organising my stuff to be shipped (as well as my ticket. All at the cost of the designers, bless them) Its going to be really hard and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified (the job description they sent me was 3 and a half pages long) but if the designers think I can do the job, well then, I'm not to blame when they come over to find the store boarded up and me standing out the front preaching about Armageddon. Peter and I go through phases where we think this is the best thing in the world and he constantly talks about all the amazing sights we are going to see and then he realises how hard its gonig to be when we're apart. Fingers crossed our 'trans-atlantic' relationship works out.
  • More on New York... I've come to realise that having a friend (and a free place to stay) in New York is all very 'Deirdre Chambers, what a coincidence' and I am expecting a barrage of friends, friends of friends, second cousins and mothers sisters aunts brothers to come and visit me (of which you are all more than welcome of course) but have decided already that I'm going to have a big 4th of July party as a bit of a belated 'Welcome to New York' so everyone start booking your tickets now!!

Oh faithful readers, its good to be back xxx

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blip of a blog

Bosnia. Is. Amazing. Stunning countryside and full on war damage. Every building is bullet sprayed. And then I get to see sights like this

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Aruba, jamaica ooo I wanna take you to Bermuda Bahama come on pretty mama

Two days to go kids until I reach the exotic lands of Bosnia and then on to sailing round Croatia. Me? Excited? Just a little! Can't wait. Am in desperate need of adventure and I think this will be just what I need. Peter tried to surprise me and come to Bosnia but tickets were too expensive at such short notice and he just couldn't do it. Bummer. But I still plan on having a rollicking good time with Paul (one of my gay harem) sunning it up on deck and jumping off the side for a dip whenever the desire strikes me. I normally am quite vigilant about staying out of the sun (I don't look this flawlessy gorgeous easily) but being stuck in grey old London has made me long for days of feeling the sun on my back and sand between my toes. I never thought I would miss beaches this much.

So readers I'm signing off for now but will be back bigger and better and just generally more fabulous in a couple of weeks. Be good

Monday, September 03, 2007

4 days on and I'm still cleaning the feedback vomit out of my ears

So Friday night finally saw the arrival of the long awaited Sonic Youth Daydream Nation gig. I decided to take Stuart with me as he was quite keen to go as he had never seen them before and I was quite keen to pop his Sonic Youth cherry (sorry mate, I couldn't help it! Wasn't it great though?) It was at the epic Roundhouse, a historic venue that I had been desperate to experience (other pivotal moments at the roundhouse include The Ramones UK debut, Patty Smith's first UK tour, oh and its also where both The Clash and the Pistols used to hang out)

They opened with Teenage Riot, the opening track off the album which had me pinching myself that I was really there. I've never heard them play it live and it kick started things off nicely. They then played the album in its entirety, pretty much as per the album. Nothing got a huge reworking, nothing really surprised me. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing to get to experience daydream live because with such a mammoth back catalogue, anything pre 'A Thousand Leaves' rarely gets an outing. I think I even creamed my pants a little when they played Silver Rocket but I have to say it almost felt a little mechanical. Like they were doing it out of duty to there long standing fans and for them alone. The breathy whispers of Kim on The Sprawl were there, the high pitched whine of feedback was still being vomited in my ear but I felt no love. Like a mother (them) who is forced to love an ugly baby (us) because they created us and, well, they have to.

After they performed daydream and came back for an encore, you could almost here them breath a sigh of relief at getting to play some newer tunes. To quote Lee 'Enough of this old shit. Lets get back to the 21st century!' The band really seemed to liven up at getting to play some newer tracks (the encore included both Jams Run Free and Do You Believe in Rapture? which were stellar) and they finally partook in a bit of crowd banter. Thurston and Lee both showing off in their too cool for art school way while Kim danced circles (literally) around them.

Its a funny thing to witness an album that has such nostalgic ties live. Although I was a little young to experience it when it was first released, I soon found the error in my ways and it later became a huge part of my youth. It made me think of the first time I heard it and how it seemed to sum up all my teenage angst and fear and loathing for the universe. It makes me think how timeless Sonic Youth are and how although they are all well into their 50's, they are still so relevant and relatable to the new gen Y, or gen X or what ever friggin generation we are in now. How at any moment they are ready for a teenage riot...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All you need is.... a few Asahi and some baaad sake to bring out your true feelings

Okay readers if you are of weak stomach when it comes to all things mushy, turn away now because what I am about to write makes even myself cringe at, uh, myself.

Last night Peter and I went to dinner with some of his friends who were visiting London. I seem to get on well with all of his friends and he loves that. I do too. It makes social gatherings much easier when you can sit and have a conversation and not want to stab yourself in the eye with your own chopstick.

Moving on.....
A few beers post dinner Peter and I decided to go home. We were having a mock squabble over him riding his bike and me catching a cab (he wanted me to double on his bike from Soho to Clapham South!!!) when he let slip with an 'I love....' and chickened out. We got home and I thought I should take charge.
So I said it. I, for the first time in my life, told someone I loved them. Then I cried a little (wuss!) and then he told me he loved me too and that he was scared at how I made him feel because he has never felt this way about anyone before but that being with me seemed to make everything easier and when we weren't together, the pain of missing me felt like a lump in his chest.

The scary thing is that I feel the same way. When I think about the future, he's in my plans too. And when I think of us not being together, it just wrecks me.
As much as the feminist in me tries to deny it, there is some deeper primal urge that just wants to take care of him. Do I sound completely naff and old fashioned? Probably. But its true. Is this what they mean by you just 'know' when its the right person? Then what do I do?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me? Procrastinating?

So I'm supposed to be making brooches today on my only day off from the bar and instead I find myself glued to this

who doesn't love a dog riding cowboy monkey?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Digging out my rasberry beret (the kind you find at a second hand store)

So Prince has just kicked off a two month residency at the new O2 arena and I just bought tickets. Although I like Prince, I would never describe myself as a huge fan. That being said, from what I've heard and read, its going to be a spectacular show. And as far as my booty's concerned? Well, theres going to be a whole lotta shakin' goin' on

British Summer Fashion Essentials

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

forget your troubles

The sun is shining, I've got the day off and a good friend from Belfast has got a 10 hour lay over and we are meeting up for a liquid lunch. Life is good today. I've got a spring in my step and I'm whistling this....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan

Wednesday night Leanne and I caught up for a few beers and saw the Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan gig. I meant to catch them the last time they played London but my laziness got in the way. Although both Isobel (ex Belle and Sebastian) and Mark have a huge repertoire of songs between them, however, they have only released the one album together and I was quite curious to see how it transpired into a live act. Worked it did. Mark's amazing baritone vocals were so deep I felt like I was wallowing in the depths of his octaves. He makes Lee Hazelwood, Tom Waits and Nick Cave sound like pre-pubescent choir boys, whilst in beautiful comparison Isobel's breathy, sweet, delicate vocals frolicked while Mark's gave chase. Isobel is like an amalgamation of Dusty, Nancy Sinatra (to whom she and Mark constantly get compared to. They even did a Nancy and Lee Hazelwood cover of 'Sand' for an encore which had me gasping and teary eyed) and Brigitte Bardot on her best day. And as for Mark? I have this whole idea of who he really is. He's the kind of man who spends money on the occasional prostitute, he drinks Jim Beam straight from the bottle, not because he can't afford anything better but because its his drink of choice. And he smokes Marlbro Reds.... and lots of them. But then I've always had an over active imagination.

The contrast of her light and his dark are just magic. There whole set was reminicent of 'Some Velvet Morning' It had such shape and colour. You could feel it peak and soar and then be taken down again to the depths of the lowest depressions you ever thought imaginable.
It made me long to have that breathy girlish voice that I will never have...

Friday, July 20, 2007

I need a montage!

Nothing funnier than cats falling off stuff

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

from fifteen to two to one

Apologies for my blogger slackness of late. I've been too busy with visitors and daunting job propositions to give you my full attention but I'm back in the land of blog so here is the latest....
  • The designers finally arrived and we had a great time. I showed them around the East and took them to some great galleries (sadly they missed Damien Hirst by 2 days) and some great shopping (Hello Nog) and in return they took me to Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen' in Shoreditch. The food was divine (I had the caprese salad with tomatoes straight from Jamie's garden apparently and the gnocchi with pork ragu) Possibly the only thing to tarnish the evening was the fact that her two kids were quite tired and decided to have a pyscho attack right there in the middle of the restaurant complete with the older daughter throwing cushions at her father and screaming at the top of her lungs that she hated us all. Oh how the other diners loved us.
  • As well as having the designers here two of my friends from Belfast came over for the weekend. The two booze hounds had been to London before but haven't done the whole tourist thing so it was fun for me to play the tour guide and show them around my London. I found myself constantly smiling and looking at London with a fondness that has taken 6 months to develop but is now firmly lodged in my affections. I really do love it here now.
  • The biggest news that I have is that while I was with the designers, I was quickly informed that the old offer of me being the New York Manager was still on the table. The current Manager extended his contract for another year after I had to turn them down this year but that runs out in May 2008 (coincidentally when my UK visa runs out) and he is definitely planning on coming home to Australia next year. He says he has loved New York but is tired and wants to come home. This means that I have the opportunity to move to New York for 3 years (or longer if I choose to stay on) Liane says that Dinosaur will obviously get my visa for me and let me stay in their apartment until I find my own place.... if I take the job. They seem to have total faith in me and I can't believe they are offering me the job again after I dicked them around so much in the beginning of the year. Its such an amazing opportunity I don't know if I can turn it down twice, although I have to say, its a huge responsibility plus it still scares the shit out of me (they would have to make me a Managing Director of the company and I would do all the American and European press as well as run the store eeek!) and I still don't know if I'm ready for it but I guess if they have faith in me.... I trepidatiously mentioned it to Peter the other night and he is completely on board. He thinks it would be a great experience for us to live in New York for a few years and made us start looking at apartments straight away to see where we could afford to live. Hes been really supportive and I feel really lucky to have met someone so great. I know I've got plenty of time til may next year but I figure it will be here before you know it and I'll need a fair bit of time to mentally prepare myself as well as sort out all my visas and come home for a visit (which I'm doing in March so lookout!) so I really need to make a decision quite soon about if I'm really going to do this this time around. What do you think? Am I ready?

Monday, July 09, 2007

I love spending other people's money

I got an email from one of my old bosses yesterday saying that she would be in town this week and wanted to catch up. I'm so excited to see her but I immediately started to think of fabulous restaurants that I've always wanted to go to here that I could never afford otherwise. I'm thinking Claridges, Ubon or the Oxo Tower Restaurant. Any other suggestions?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

the Aussie invasion

Recently I have made a few discoveries of Australian products available right here in London, making my exsistence all the more enjoyable. As well as the overpriced Aussie supplies store near Covent Garden, Sainsbury's now stock both Vegemite AND Tim Tams, Selfridges are about to start stocking Aesop skincare products and the best discovery I've made so far is that we are now able to get Coopers beers in selected supermarkets! Hurrah! Now excuse me while I go drink my weight in delicious beer....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8 plus 1

After yesterdays blog, I was thinking about which big things I could confess up to that I didn't and that not many people knew about and there is one that, out of my circle of friends, only 1 person knows about. I've come a long way since then so its time to fess up and clear out those skeletons. And yes Evol, its to do with me 'volunteering' at the salvos all those years ago.

So before I started working in the wonderful world of resin, I was working for a large 'upmarket' department store in Melbourne. I was still relatively new to Melbourne and it was the first time I was living on my own (when I moved out in Sydney, I lived with my sister) I was finding it really hard going and felt myself barely keeping afloat on the surprisingly poor wages. A friend who also worked at said department store also found that she was struggling and after a few whispered meetings..... we decided to start embezzling money from the department store. At first we were careful and only took when we needed (you know, cause that makes it ok!) but because we were getting away with it, we kept going until we were stocking up our purses before a night out. I even remember the two of us taking ourselves to a well to do restaurant in Melbourne celebrating our genius. It seemed so easy and no one would have ever suspected us as we were two of the most respected and hardest working there.

A few months in a new girl started who was just looking to get caught. She would openly steal clothing and even took one of the security tag removers so she could go to other departments to load up. In short she wasn't careful and had the instore security circling our department like sharks which led them to checking the history of our register and noticing that there were innumerable refunds to the same two accounts. Two days after my birthday I was called up to HR and taken into the boardroom where instore security confronted me and kept me for questioning for 5 hours. At first I denied til I was blue in the face but the evidence was more than enough to convict me. During me questioning I heard that they had brought my partner in crime in as well who was screaming and causing a huge scene from what I could tell. After obviously terminating my contract, they called the police who arrested and handcuffed me and led me through the crowded ground floor cosmetics department, into, yes, the back of a paddy van parked in the middle of Bourke St Mall.
The police then detained me for another 6 hours and took the usual mug shots and finger prints and told me that I'd need to get myself a lawyer. Nearly a year passed which was one of the roughest of my life but it finally started to get better. I got a good job which turned into an amazing job, which then led me to start my own label and none of it would have happened unless I'd been fired.
I finally had to face my court date (which I told my current work was a 'doctors' appointment) and managed to get away without official conviction (which would have meant I couldn't have left the country for 8 years and i would be here) I had to pay all of the money back which I only just managed to do before I came here and I had 6 months of community service, which I told people was 'volunteer work'. You know whats really funny? I actually convinced myself that I was doing volunteer work and started bragging to people about how great it was to give something back! God, even I buy my own bullshit!

After I left, the rumours of the details of my departure were plentiful. From me stealing $50 000 to setting up some sort of designer black market where I was selling clothes half price. I actually remember seeing a few staff members from the department store come into my new work and be totally surprised at how well I was doing. I even remember seeing the old Store Manager on Chapel St who threw a smile my way.

Its strange to reread this blog and to some extent relive it. It was such a long time ago and I'm such a changed person because of it and I have to say, I'm grateful that it happened otherwise I'd probably still be stuck there 20 years later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

8 fabulous tid bits on yours truly

So Evol has tagged me in the latest of blogger games and I'm more than happy to divulge in some juicy gossip about, well, myself. Here are 8 things you may or may not know about Euro...
1. I actually had a twin brother who died a few days after birth. His name was Adam and to this day I still wonder what it would be like to have a male version of me running around.

2. In my previous life (i.e pre Melbourne) I was a drug addict. I had moved out of home when I was 16. One of my best friends died from a heroin overdose and decided that I needed to escape if I wanted to live a life without a bogan boyfriend and 12 babies.
3. (This is one that soyoungsopretty already knows but the rest of you don't) My last boyfriend in Melbourne just before I came here was a bisexual drag queen who worked (and still does!) at a cafe on Chapel St. He only told me after we had decided to be exclusive. My first question (as we lay there in bed) was 'So what songs do you perform?' Shirley Bassey was the response. We broke up 2 weeks later.4. I come from a 'well to do' family in China where there is a village named after us and a temple in our honour to pray for our familie's health and prosperity. I'm like, so totally a princess.
5. I once signed a group of friends and myself up for a talent show where we 'breaked' to Bart Simpsons 'Do the Bartman' In the middle of the performance I slipped and fell on my arse in front of 500 odd people. I have no shame.
6. As much as I pretend I don't take it seriously, I would love to make music full time. My vocal coach (a bitter old woman who was the poster child for those who can't do...) once told me that my voice would never be good enough to 'make it big' in the industry. 10 years on I'm now determined to prove her wrong.

7. I plan on having a fling with a woman at some point in my life. I figure you've got to try everything once and I'm curious to see what its like on the other side.
8. As you may have guessed, I can be somewhat of a list fascist. Love em. Love having things in order that I can prattle off at will. Its no surprise that I have my all time top 5 favorite films (When I was in China visiting the village, I tried to list my top one hundred favorite films but I had nothing to write on and kept forgetting the order) but I also have a secret list of top 5 films which includes both Waynes World 1 and 2, Spinal Tap, Empire Records and Milo and Otis. God I love a good talking animal movie.
So there you have it some shocking and maybe not so shocking revelations about Euro. Soyoungsopretty, your turn...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Brown Note unleashed

So, the much anticipated SUNN O))) review is finally here, in all its freshly steaming glory. I needed a day to think over the show and really mull over the experience because witnessing that kind of intensity live always needs a bit of perspective for a good review. Plus I still felt really fucking out of it yesterday because i actually lost my hearing for a day so I needed to just chill out before I started reminiscing about it.
We showed up at Queen Elizabeth Hall to an unbelievably diverse crowd. I'm always surprised to find who is a Sunn fan. In the mammoth bar queues (God the English love a good orderly queue!) I started a conversation with a 67 year old man who had brought a lovely looking date (she had no idea what she was in for, the poor thing. Never heard of Sunn. Didn't really understand the kind of music they played, plus she was wearing a neckerchief for God's sake) and was close to shitting his pants prematurely at the mere thought of finally seeing them. It was a lovely night so we ended up hanging outside and having a couple of pints pre-show and missed most of support band, Chrome Hoof which was a shame because what I did see, I loved (think prog/punk with splashes of ESG, Sabbath and Pavement) They were all wrapped up in aluminium foil outfits and had two choreo dancers (a dream job I hope to fulfill one day) to go along with their two drum kits, two bases, a horn section and multiple guitars. As Chrome Hoof finished I turned around to find my beloved Jarvis Cocker sitting in the row behind me! As Chrome Hoof and their belongings filed off stage, the wall of amps started to get piled onto it and at just the sight of all that ampage (there were 10 amps hanging from the rafters as well) I was creaming my pants. I know its pretty bogan of me but there is something I just adore about experiencing music at that level. Its like there is no escape from it. You could have earplugs in and be standing outside but the sound vibrations are so intense that you still feel every pulsating guitar sound. And thats exactly how it was. SUNN O))) are an assault on all your senses but not in the same way that 'regular' metal is. Thrash and Death Metal are more of the recognisable fast and furiously stabbing guitar sounds that you are used to and that has you panting and sweaty by the first 15 minutes. Sunn play music so achingly slow and loud (in their well suited Gregorian-esque hooded robes) that its a slow build up of tension that gets you in the end. Plus their sets are like one huge hour and a half song where you may possibly void your bowels (which I'm happy to report neither of us did, although we did enjoy pointing out which notes could have and then watched the stream of people dashing off to the bog) Its hard to really put into words what a live SUNN O))) experience is like. Its so different from their studio albums and it brings your appreciation of the band to a whole new level. Its pure genious to make noise that is as intelligent and sophisticated as theirs and to see them create this magic in front of you is something else entirely. Every sound they make is hypnotic from the whine of a miced angle grinder, to the gutteral growls of the 'lead singer' to the softer lilting strains of the violin bow on an electric, trying to stand on its own amongst all this noise. As the show came to a close I looked around and saw that just like before, this gig had a huge affect on everyone and no-one would ever be the same again. You are now affected by music in a completely different way where you feel it, instead of hear it. To sum up, the show fucking rocked. All hail the lords, SUNN O)))! For a few images from the night, feast your eyes on this